Multibagger with exponential returns

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This penny stock has given  multibagger return to its shareholders.  This stock has surged from ₹ 1.40 per share levels in November 2020 to 157.90 per share in November 2021, which is a growth of 11100% within a period of one year. 

The company is engaged in freight forwarding , customer clearance services, warehousing services and transportation services.

If an investor had invested 1 lakh in November 2020 and remained invested, the investment would have increased to approx 1 crore 12 lakh today.

The stock is currently trading at ₹158

This is a small cap , penny stock. By nature such stocks are very risky. The price movement of the stock has been mainly under upper and lower circuit.

This stock is Flomic Global Logistics which is listed on BSE and NSE  India.  

The stock is found to be shariah-compliant based on the parameters we follow.

To check sharia compliance and purification ratio of shares click here.

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