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Affle India

Mohsin Bhatkar
New Member

Affle india also provides advertising services for web series hosts like Alt Balaji hotstar etc which are shows nudity also. It also gives services to music industry like Gaana, Spotify etc. How it can be halal as it is helping to distribute sins in society. Please confirm 

Topic starter Posted : 08/03/2022 2:36 am
Halal Investmentor
Admin Admin

Salam alaikum,

Jazakallah for your raising your genuine concern.

While the core activity of the company is considered to be compliant. With respect to some of its clients involved in non compliant activities it has 2 aspects, one the information about the customer of company is  generally not available and secondly the details of revenue contribution from such clients is not available to ascertain the contribution of such non-compliant activities to its total revenue.

However, if still one does not feel comfortable irrespective of the ratios , one should refrain from investing in such stocks.

Such stocks will be put in a doubtful category going forward to provide further granularity.


Allah knows best. May Allah guide us to the right path and protect us from what is not right.

Posted : 08/03/2022 3:23 pm